About Us



(alto/piano/guitar/mandolin) Jessica began her musical training in 2005 when her parents encouraged her to pursue her passion and provided the opportunity to express herself musically. Starting with the piano, she has since added guitar and mandolin to her repertoire and skill-set. Born with a natural talent and inclination for creating and storytelling, Jessica produces most of the arrangements for the group and also acts as the business manager for the ensemble. She says, “one of the things that gives me great pleasure is the ability to communicate through song. Music and song are powerful mediums and they provide us an opportunity to connect and convey our message in a unique way.” With her beautiful contralto voice, Jessica adds a rich intensity and power to the vocal dynamic of The Hall Sisters.

One of her greatest joys is having the privilege of making music with her equally talented siblings and says, “growing up my sisters and I were always singing songs and putting together elaborate musical productions that we would showcase in front of our family and friends. Now, we have the privilege of serving others in this capacity and I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather do this with than my sisters”.

When not in the recording studio or arranging new music, Jessica can be found writing, dancing, drawing, spending time with her family, and playing with her mastiffs, Fred and Rose.



(soprano/violin/mandolin) Natalie started playing violin at the very young age of 9 and hasn’t looked back since. She is the violinist for The Hall Sisters and her bright soprano voice adds a level of emotion and a dynamic element to the quartet.

Natalie has a powerful story to tell…a story that is gracefully and sensitively presented in their concerts. From her personal struggles with an eating disorder to her journey towards redemption, Natalie’s road to recovery is filled with courage and unconditional love. She says, “I want to encourage others that may be struggling with the same thing that there is a road to healing and a path towards restoration. This is not something that you will always have to live with and this is not something that will permanently define you…victory can indeed be found”.

She longs to live on a ranch or farm at some point in her future, but until then and when not performing with her sisters, Natalie can be found writing songs, baking with her mother, and working outside with her father on a whole host of various building projects.



(alto/viola/guitar) One of Lydia’s many attributes is her compassion for others. This tender heart is evident and felt in her singing, her viola playing, and in her songwriting. “Something I could see myself doing in the future is serving in or running an orphanage”. She goes on to say, “I want to be able to help those in need and provide a level of security, comfort, and love in an otherwise challenging situation”.

Lydia grew up playing the viola and started her musical endeavors when she was 9 years old. The rich timbre from her viola playing and her beautiful alto voice provides the perfect complement to the quartet. Her musical influences and interests run the gamut from country to pop to oldies and she especially enjoys analyzing lyrics to many songs. Lydia considers having the opportunity to perform with her sisters a privilege and enjoys providing the gift of music and song to others.

When not practicing or performing, Lydia can be found reading, dancing, or sketching. She is quite an accomplished artist and enjoys the tranquility and intricacies that sketching provides.



(soprano/cello) As the resident cellist, Valerie’s skillful instrument playing adds a rich texture and depth to The Hall Sisters sound. Whether the mood calls for calm and solemn or for vibrant and lively, Valerie’s deftness and precision on the cello provides just the right blend and balance to the ensemble. Her warm and melodious soprano voice wows the audience whenever she takes the stage and she considers it a delight to perform with her older sisters.

Valerie started playing the cello at the age of 10 and quickly took to its unique character and the wide variety of expressions that the cello offers. That’s not a surprise as Valerie has a wide variety of interests and abilities as well. From making her own jewelry, to making her own cards and paper dresses, Valerie’s creativity knows no bounds. She is also a talented dancer, painter and enjoys spending her free time painting new canvases and developing fictional stories.

A major influence in her life is her family. “Being surrounded by music and song my entire life has been such a blessing, but an ever bigger blessing is to be able to do this with my sisters”.