About Us

The Hall Sisters have established themselves as one of the up-and-coming and premier acts in the country pop genre. While releasing multiple CD’s over the last few years and writing new material, the ensemble has also maintained a robust tour schedule having performed on notable stages such as The Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall and at Dollywood. In addition to multiple Midwest tours, in December 2019, they traveled around four countries in the Balkans on a Christmas tour. 

Drawing from inspirational groups of decades past, The Hall Sisters combine their favorite bits and pieces of all those iconic sounds to create a unique sound of their own. "Synergy" best defines these young women in that the combined output of their talents and musicality is greater than the sum of each individual part. 

A vocal/instrumental foursome of talented siblings, the Hall Sisters marry stunning harmonies along with a brilliance and excellence on their instruments to create an entirely unique sound.