Natalie (soprano/violin)

Natalie started playing violin at the very young age of 9 and hasn’t looked back since. She is the violinist for The Hall Sisters and her vibrant, powerful soprano voice adds a level of emotion and a dynamic element to the quartet. Her bright smile and genuine demeanor lights up the stage as well as any room she enters, leaving audiences feeling loved and welcomed.

Natalie has a powerful story to tell. A survivor of anorexia and bulimia, she has written a book, Nothing to Lose but Everything to Gain, that recounts with raw vulnerability her journey to recovery from the two eating disorders and the anxiety and depression that accompanied them.

Natalie’s story is one of redemption, insights and hope for anyone dealing with addiction, and for the family and friends who love them. She has a heart to share her story with those who may be struggling with similar battles. 

Visit her website, Everlasting Recovery, to learn more about her journey!